Friday, September 17, 2010


Well 2 posts in one day, after my unplanned hiatus of more than 2 months.

The summer was good, time spent with family and friends. and the boys all seems to be going well.

I have to say something now because I have tried to do this face to face, but it never comes out the way i want it to, so maybe this way will work.

You are my brother, and by some twist of fate, 3 years to the date, I arrived on your 3rd birthday, kind of like a delayed twin. sort of.

I looked up to you when we were kids, still do. When we were kids, I was awed by your seemingly easy ability to make friends, and keep them, me not so much, I have a few from my childhood that I still am in contact with, but you have kept some of yours longer.
You have always been the one in charge, the one who appears larger than life at times, both intimidating and welcoming at the same time.

In my early teens, I used to love going with you and dad to watch your hockey games, you were an inspired goaltender fun to watch and you loved the game still do. Even though, I question your choice of teams to follow.

As time progressed, we drifted, I was a bit different in High School, and went a different way than most, I joined the army, and in your way, you supported that.

When my life imploded 3 years ago, you let it be, for awhile, until you felt the need to say something. Or I asked you.

I see you with your kids, and you are patient , kind and tender, everything I wish that I was. Your love for them shines through, as does your love for your wife. Big Brother, I still look at you as a role model for my life. You roll with the punches and move on in a way that I wish could.

When everything crashed around me a few months back, you rose to it, you stepped in where a few people would dare, and allowed me to lean when I needed, and kicked my into motion when I needed that too. You helped me and my family pick up the pieces and get our lives moving again, no words that I could say can convey my thanks.

Whenever I have needed you, you have been there, no worries, and no hassle.

Thank you M, for being the brother I need, And If I haven't said it enough I'll say it now.
Love you

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