Thursday, February 18, 2010


I meant to post this last week, but didn't
so here goes.


12 years ago, you came into my life.
Even before you were born we knew you, because of a your kidneys, we knew you. Your mom and I got to pick your birth date. The day we picked that, was the day we gave you your name.

There was anticipation and fear as that date drew closer, you were loved and wanted. when you were born, and at least for the time being all was OK, it was a good thing. I was so relieved.

Fast forward 10 months later and you were about to get surgery, but you were sick beforehand, sick enough for us to go quickly to one of the best hospitals in the world ( at least IMHO). and see if they could make you right. they could and the surgery went through as planned.

Christmas eve, and you were relapsed, then airlifted back to the same hospital. No room for your mom or I, a quick packing job, and we followed. Your Grandma with us. I don't know if I ever told her, but at a few times , she kept me sane, focused on what I needed to do. Thank you.

A few days later( 1 week) you were OK. Your mom and I knew that there was going to be some testing on a yearly basis, for at least a little while. Even though I don't think you cared for all the testing every year, you bore it well, and when they said that you were not going to need it for a few years, it was a great relief for all of us. Even still, when you are sick, sometimes my heart skips and I worry that it could happen all again. You see, I thought we were going to lose you, and I was sure that I would never be able to bear that.

Now you are 12, I love the way you approach life, even though your brothers may not. You smile so easily, and enjoy things to the fullest. Even though I am a part-time parent now, and only see you on weekends, know this. I love you, and that can never change. You are one of the reasons, I can keep going on regardless of how much I feel life can suck right now.

Don't change too much. The world needs people like you.

Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Idiots in snow

Well, Sunday saw me on my drive back home in a decent snowfall.

The 4 lane highway was down to really one lane in each direction, and 90% of the people who were on the road had lowered their speed considerably, you know, to adjust for the conditions.

the other 10% were just , plain, ignorant.

People, It's Sunday and snowing, unless you had a pressing need to get to whatever Superbowl Party you were attending, or it was a real emergency, then there is no real need to push your luck and the luck of others who share the road with you like this.

Truck drivers, you guys may be #1 on my list, when you pass people and you are so close to them, they could open their window and touch your rig, and then as you go by, the people in the car get the huge spray of crap from the road all over the window and can't see, you are creating a serious problem.

as for the other people who apparently have serious lives they have to get to, Plan accordingly. If the weather sucks, maybe you do not need to go anywhere, or if you do, plan ahead and give yourself more time. Going out into the snow covered passing lane and then cutting back in front of me when you are barely clear, makes me have to touch my brakes and skid a little, some of you self-centred d-bags are swerving everywhere. I swear I won't stop if you go in the ditch.
you deserve it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boys will be..........?

I know I haven't told you much about the boys yet, I have been debating just what to say in case someone who knows me, them, us stumbles across this and puts 2 and 2 together(although given the town they live in, the answer would not be 4 )

Lets begin Son1 is almost to the point of being able to drive, 15 going on 30. There are times when he seems older than his years, there are also times when he seems to be 3 years old. He is the mood barometer in the house. If there is tension, he feels it and gets crustier and crustier. The boy is brilliant, and he is also the one I have the most explosive relationship with. Now I don't mean that in a physical sense. He is very set on what he likes and does not see the need to have a more well rounded set of interests. This drives me crazy, because I do not want to talk to him about the same stuff over and over and over and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry fell asleep there.

Son2 is the joker, the comedien in the family. I swear that this kid has been funny since he was born. He has a grat sense of humour, and has pretty decent timing in his delivery. He also is the most emotional of the lot of them. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and it is eaasy to tell when he has been wounded or slighted. He also has the greatest sense of family of the 3. However, his humor also tends to run to the more inappropriate side of things, and sometimes it is necessary to tell him to stop.

Son3 is the wild card. As i said in my last post, he choke slams the day into submission. he has a great zest for life and seems to be in constant motion, even when he sleeps it is an active rather than passive event. The boy is a tornado. The only problem is there are no trailer parks in the house, so he goes for the 2nd best targets , his brothers, Heaven help them if they do not keep one eye open for him. He is the absolute master of the sneak attack the Randy Orton of the house.

So there you have it the 3 boys who I would do aanything for. Hopefully I can pull some stories of them out of my memory for your enjoyment.