Friday, November 20, 2009

Vegans, Vegetarians, whatever

I just read a few different blog entries on different sites about this subject, and I'm probably going to get a few people offended by this post , but whatever, here goes.

I fully respect a person's choice, or religious beliefs for being vegan, or vegetarian, in fact I recently defended a colleague of mine's beliefs in his struggle to maintain his beliefs.
If a person makes that choice then so be it, I am never going to make that choice ( Leave my bacon alone!), but i fully respect a person's right to make that choice for themselves.

That being said, Leave Me Alone. I don't care to hear your preachy, self-righteous, patronizing and narrow-minded views on the subject. You are no better than me just because you are vegan.
You are not special because of this, nor are you unique either. You made a choice, so did I.
If I want to eat a burger, steak, or a chicken, than I will, and no amount of comments about factory farming, cruelty or suffering is going to sway me.

No comments on the state of my food either. I once worked with someone who commented on my breakfast, as Pig strips and embryos. Whatever, it is Bacon and eggs, and they are not embryos, as they were never fertilized, bite me, oh that's right you won't I'm meat. I don't comment on the fact that your food, is what my food eats.

They would have a better chance if they stopped with the whole meat is murder thing, getting preachy with me only makes me more resolved to stay the same.

I'm done now, and I'm thinking about having a burger.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boys will be.....?

Boy2 is growing up too quickly.. He is 13 and I am sure I didn't know as much about "things" at 13 that he does.( or I just knew better than to discuss it around my dad)

A few cases to illustrate my point

Point #1 earlier this past summer, he decided to tell me how Harry Potter is dirty, when I asked him how, it all centered on the character of Oliver Wood (see where this one is going yet?)
and how when professor McGonagall asks if she can "borrow Wood for a minute", and the use of the phrase "morning Wood" Cue the ensuing 13 year old boy laughter.

Point #2 Near the end of the summer , we were out at a discount store with my Mom, and he came up to Mom and I with a box of condoms, in an attempt to freak his Grandmother out. Not. gonna. happen. Mom was a nurse for 42 years. not even blinking, mom said" at least you are using protection". this ended with a stunned look on boy2's face. Love the kid's sense of humor.

Point #3 The other night we were watching Private Practice and the storyline was about a young man with a Viagra problem. Boy2 thought the idea of a never ending erection was cool, until Grandma and I explained about how they fixed the problem. With needles, and deflation.
Cue look of pain and disgust.

More than that, though is the fact that he is way more aware of the whole sexual nature of people than I know I was at his age, he regularly accuses me of downloading and watching Porn, and makes comments of this nature to me. plus his favorite line from the 70's Show is"if God had wanted 2 virgins to lose it together, he wouldn't have given us middle aged Hookers." Go Figure.

What can you do with a kid like this?

Laugh a lot, and love him even more.