Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Idiots in snow

Well, Sunday saw me on my drive back home in a decent snowfall.

The 4 lane highway was down to really one lane in each direction, and 90% of the people who were on the road had lowered their speed considerably, you know, to adjust for the conditions.

the other 10% were just , plain, ignorant.

People, It's Sunday and snowing, unless you had a pressing need to get to whatever Superbowl Party you were attending, or it was a real emergency, then there is no real need to push your luck and the luck of others who share the road with you like this.

Truck drivers, you guys may be #1 on my list, when you pass people and you are so close to them, they could open their window and touch your rig, and then as you go by, the people in the car get the huge spray of crap from the road all over the window and can't see, you are creating a serious problem.

as for the other people who apparently have serious lives they have to get to, Plan accordingly. If the weather sucks, maybe you do not need to go anywhere, or if you do, plan ahead and give yourself more time. Going out into the snow covered passing lane and then cutting back in front of me when you are barely clear, makes me have to touch my brakes and skid a little, some of you self-centred d-bags are swerving everywhere. I swear I won't stop if you go in the ditch.
you deserve it.

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