Tuesday, April 27, 2010


No not the Disney flick

I'm talking about the real thing.

As Boy1 gets closer to driving age, I have begun thinking about trying to replace my car.

because it is one of these.

While it has been fairly reliable ( I'm Going to jinx myself). The last few months have seen about $900 put into it, and it is after all six years old.

Really, I want the boy to learn to drive something more solid, like I had too: like this:

Really, Dad thanks, I was a short arsed 16 year old and hated driving this thing and I'm pretty sure that it may have hated me too. In fact the first time I drove it I hit a concrete pole. Yay me.

The thing is I want him to feel safe as he learns, I did in that tank, hopefully he will too, but My little car is small, and low and I feel that he should learn to drive in a good sized, solid vehicle

Like this

Know where I can pick one up?

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