Thursday, January 28, 2010


Stealing a catchphrase from Degeneration X to start this off was easy.

not sure what i mean? Degeneration X are these guys.
Years ago, before marriage, kids, etc. I was a big fan of the WWF, now WWE.

Since moving in with N and E, I have begun watching again, and have begun a fan once more.
As interesting as it is to see the new stars, it is also cool too see the stars of the past , Shawn Micheals, Triple H, etc, still out there performing for the fans.

On the same note, N recently purchased Smackdown vs Raw for the Wii.
Arguably Best Game Yet. Waaay too much time has been wasted on this game by all of us.
the graphics are decent, there are multiple game modes you can play, storylines to create or follow. Highly addictive.

I guess wrestling has always been a guilty pleasure of mine growing up, one of our neighbours was for a brief time No-class Bobby Bass . He was nothing like his on-screen persona, he was a decent guy, and for a kid it was great to see the wrestlers I saw on TV, and a few times live, in my nieghbourhood.

Times are different now, I think Boy1's hero could be Steve Jobs the creator of Apple. Chances of him meeting him living where the boys do are slim. Son2 is a Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Shaun White fan. I look forward to the olympics on tv to hopefully watch it with him and see Shaun White work his own particular brand of magic.

Son3 is a hockey fan, while I don't really think that he has any one player he Idolizes, He loves the Ottawa Senators, since he was old enough to follow them. He does however like Sidney Crosby, can't say I blame him, Crosby has enough talent for 2 people. I am a Boston Bruins fan, been so since I was a kid, blame Bobby Orr. Crosby, however can sway me, he is at times simply the most fun player to watch on the ice, and the way he carries himself off the ice is equally impressive.

Me? I have become a fan 0f a particular player #9 on the Warriors, also known as Boy3 or Son3.
He is not the greatest out there, but he plays hard, makes an honest effort evry game, and plays for the fun of it. a few weeks back he was picked as the most sportsmanlike player on his team for a tournament game, and I think that was just as important as MVP to him.

I love they way all 3 of them show their passion for what they love. Boy1 has an atitude of just not caring what others think about him, or what he likes. In some ways this annoys me, as I wish he could conform once in awhile, but at the same time, I amproud that he is his own person.
Boy2 is a tad more trendy, but not in a sheeplike kind of way, he is easily the goofiest kid I have ever met, He has an amazing sense of comic timing, and a great outlook on life. Boy3 is well, him. He is more everything than his brothers, louder, talkative, demanding, loving (AT Times). He approaches life with such energy that he doesn't just seize the day, he grabs it and choke-slams it

I wish I could do that

Maybe I'll have to learn.

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