Thursday, September 3, 2009

You're .........Pitiful?

As I was lounging around last night, flipping through channels in an attempt not to go crazy in the silence. my phone rang. At the other end was Boy2, he was excited, has he had got a new bed and was just beginning to put it together. He had complete faith in the fact that he would be able to do this and he was just calling to tell me that he had got the bed. after a brief conversation about nothing, we said goodbye. I thought nothing more of this, as he is generally capable of doing things like this.

Jump forward 3 hours, and he is on the phone again, the tears and frustration were clearly evident in his voice, there were no written instructions only pictures, and he could not get the bed together right, his knuckles were cut up, and he was ready to chuck the whole thing out. Once he was calmed down, I convinced him that he had 2 good options, forget about it for the night, sleep in his old bed and try again in the morning, or wait until I was there this weekend and we would build it together.

Surprisingly, he chose neither. the phone rang again about an hour later, and he told me it was together, and that he had gotten his Mom to help him. Also, it appears that he had missed a small warning about not tightening it all up till all the bolts were in place.

For a change, i resisted telling him that he needs to check for those things before he starts to build these things.

His good humour restored, I said good night and hung up. About 20 minutes later he called back. this time to tell me that he had heard a song , and had thought of me. He was playing it for me over the phone. Weird Al's "you're pitiful".

I would never have had the nerve at 13 to do that to my Dad, I would have been petrified of his getting angry at me.

I wish I had Boy2's nerve,...............and his sense of humour.

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