Monday, August 31, 2009

Shopping fun!

Whoever thought that back to school shopping could ever be fun has never done this with boys, or at least with mine.

3 stubborn boys and a Dad in the stores shopping for clothes of any kind let alone for back to school = nightmars of the highest order.

Boy3(youngest 11 years old) not sure what he wants won't try things on sure it will "FIT" finally gets a decent fitting pair of jeans and a shirt that he deems cool enough, and yes, he tried them on, damn straight, i try thhings on, so i know they fit.

Boy2(middle 13 going on 20) trying to convince me that they jeans he needs only have to be 30 inch inseams, he is as tall as me and I know he needs them to be longer, but again he won't try them on, as the fitting rooms are too close to the women's clothes. finally, a different store same style jeans,(longer inseam) tried on fits, done..

Boy1(oldest 15, going on 40) tries on aprroxamately 2,000,000 hoodies, before finding the right one, but at least he tried them on right?.

and the school supplies, why do they put odd numbers of things on the lists, and why specific name brand items, a staples brand highlighter is just as good as a Sharpie brand one, and costs about 50% less. and why all the Kleenex for the lower grades, do we have to supply all the kids in a class with stuff? If some parents are to lazy/ cheap to do this , why should I pay to support their kid?? Boy3 is the only one with piles of stuff on his list like this, it's like they give you the list for the whole year. I don't think that it should all have to go with them on day one. Boy3 says that in the past, some of his teachers have put all the extra stuff in a cabinet, and passed it out to kids who needed it during the year, not really noticing whose it was originally. What? I paid for stuff for my kid, not someone else's, if they need something, let their parents buy it , not me. so, he will only be going on the first day with the basics, as he needs something else, he will get it sent with him, with His name on it.

I hate back to school shopping. Their has to be an easier way.

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