Monday, February 13, 2012


Sorry, this is a day late.

Boy3 You are 14 now.

Nope, not possible, you can't be, you are still a little kid aren't you?

Sigh, i guess not. you are a teenager, on the verge of becoming a young man, a damn fine one from the looks of it.

You have a big heart, a ready smile, a generally happy attitude, and the attention span of a mosquito. Just kidding!
You make me smile and laugh and push my buttons in a way no one else can. You love music and hockey and skyrim and who knows what else? You approach life with a seize the day attitude, actually more like a beat the day into submission one. There are no half way measures about you. You make friends easily and are pretty loyal to them. As you have matured you are slowly learning the fine art of compromise, and your ability to see both sides of an argument is developing.
You have a strong sense of social justice, and are happy that the charity group you belong to is doing some good.

You are becoming a fine young man, and you were already a pretty damn good teenager, your are still one, just with better colored hair*.

*(purple, by the way)

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